How does it work?
It’s really simple. Set it up, start collecting information, launch campaigns, and enjoy sublime results in real time.
With WiFisher your customers sign-in only once and have ongoing access to the hotspot we help you set up.
Data of each customer is collected the moment they sign-in: contact information, number of visits, last visit, duration of stay, and demographics.
Automate or customize email marketing campaigns for each individual group of customers to rapidly increase their return rate.
Sit back and relax to see real time results of your campaigns on WiFisher’s elegant and easy-to-use platform.

Quick, Easy, and Smart!

Sign up and plugin the WiFisher access point (or we can also leverage your existing WiFi). That’s all! Your customers have access to free and fast WiFi immediately.

You decide your design!

Customize and create your very own login portal with the click of a button!
Easily Design Ads
You decide what’s on your login portal. Impress customers with your company’s branded WiFi hotspot portal.
Communicate On the Spot
Let your guests know more about your place while they’re there! Share daily specials, discounts, and whatever you believe your customer should know.
Praise Gaben
Value 175$
Every single guest who logs into your WiFi hotspot is analyzed. And when they come back, their information is updated.

Who are your most loyal customers and why? Is there a reason some people don’t come back? WiFisher stores demographics, spending habits, and more.
Through easy and effective automated campaigns targeting loyal, repeat, new, and lost customers - you talk with the right people and the right message.

PS: Integrate WiFisher with your CRM for optimal results.
What they say
150 + Companies shifted to WiFisher